Sunday, July 17, 2011

Lots of vacation and fun with friends

 Coleson's first baseball game. He loved the fireworks after!

 Time to rest at 7 peaks
 First time sitting in a shopping cart, he looked pretty worried the whole time!
 Visiting mom at work
 7 peaks makes Coleson very tired
 Tubby time with Daniel!

 Mark and Coleson at Lake Powell
 Nap time was rare at Powell, but we loved when  it did happen
 Swimming with Grandpa
 Coleson and his buddy Luke
 A bad picture but he loved ice cream!
 Hanging out in the ER
Is it time to go home yet Dad?

So we just got home from a fun 2 weeks of vacation. A couple days in California and then a week at Lake Powell! Coleson loved all the attention that he got from all of his friends and family! He wasn't a huge fan of the car rides, but we all made it in one piece.

Lake Powell is always fun and adventurous. It is also a whole new experience with a baby. Coleson is such a good baby, but even he had some hard days, with the heat and all the people. Being home he definitly misses everyone and all the attention he got. He is now very mobile as well. We were in the ER on a Saturday night because he has been eating our carpet and not keeping food down. So we finally left at 1 am, and everything checked out fine. Silly boy. He had a great time being there though, the doctors and nurses wanted to carry him around on their rounds and he crawled around to everyone making friends, such a social little guy.

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